Георгиевская лента

Георгиевская лента

Mar 4, 2012

Architecture by Evgeny V. PUTYATIN

E. Putyatin. An arbour (2007).

E.V. Putyatin presents new catalogue of his residential building works. Most of them were built in association with engineers R. Batkaev and R. Sabantcheyev in 2000-2012.  In his works E.V. Putyatin is continuator of classical traditions in art (architecture, painting, etc.) which were begun in Russia by our palladionists J. Kvarenghy, N. L'vov. Their influence on Russian architecture such intense, that art-historians (for example look here list of works by A.Nikitina) have many works, where thay are learning different features of their practice.

E. Putyatin. Country house (2007-2010).

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